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Name Ivanna - Meaning and origin

Meaning of first name: Ivanna is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. Ivanna is inspired by the Hebrew terms yo and hanan meaning "God is merciful" or "God has given grace". Celebrities: Ivanna Speranza, Argentine soprano. Ivanna Madruga, Argentine tenniswoman. Her character: Indifferently attached to her loved ones, Ivanna needs to feel that they support her.
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Your child 5-11 years

SamSam Cosmic Hero Mission

Want to take care of your child during the holidays? Discover the new iPhone, iPad and Android application "SamSam Cosmic Hero Mission"! Specially adapted for 5-8 years, this app will make him travel in the galaxy with his favorite hero! The application offers 9 types of games / missions very different: games of skill, speed, memory, logic ... that improve its agility, coordination and observation capabilities.
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First names: Adele

Adèle Adèle It is the return of Adèle, carried without doubt by the English singer. This name was popular in the nineteenth century comes from the Germanic adal, which means "noble". His birthday: December 24th. More information about the first name Adèle Discover:
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Salt dough: making a giraffe

She escaped from the zoo? No, oven! Directed by your little handyman, this beautiful giraffe salt paste will be perfect to transform the decor of his room savanna. Come on, let's go for our video "salt dough party"! All the videos of our salt dough workshop Find other DIY ideas on the Familiscope website Realization: Familiscope Montage: Familiscope Realization: Familiscope To discover:
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Lucky First Names: Dayo

Lucky First Names: Dayo Dayo Happiness comes ... that's what this name means in Nigerian. Original, it also has the advantage of being mixed. What happiness, we tell you! To discover :
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