Loreen Meaning - Origin and Names

Loreen Meaning - Origin and Names

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Meaning of the name:

Loreen is a female variant of the name Laurent, himself derived from laurus meaning "laurel".


The singer and musician of Moroccan-Swedish origin Loreen.

Loreen is honored at Saint Laure. Martyrdom of the ninth century, she was thrown into a cauldron for having apostatized her Christian faith and converted to Islam.

His character :

Passionate and determined, Loreen is a person of character. Diplomate born, she expresses her feelings tactfully, especially if they risk hurting others. A hard worker, she has a great sense of responsibility and never abandons her projects. She gives herself the means to succeed in each of her businesses. Having great self-confidence, Loreen nevertheless knows how to seek help when she feels it necessary. Although sociable and quite easy to live with, he sometimes gives way to anger. His keen sense of justice often allows him to defend his ideas and beliefs. Intuitive, Loreen recognizes pretense at first. This quality, coupled with his excellent deduction, helps him to choose his friends. Nevertheless, she does not judge people to appearances. She observes the behavior of her interlocutor, a fine psychologist she is.

Because of his strong personality, Loreen needs a strict enough education so that this quality does not turn into a defect. Not easily influenced, she also needs a framework to enable her to use this feature of her character wisely. Intelligent, she quickly captures things without having to dwell on details.


Lorenne, Lorena, Loren, Lorene, Lorenn, Loreena, Lorrena and Lorrene.

His party :

The Loreens are celebrated on October 19th.

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