Name Maximillien - Meaning of origin

Name Maximillien - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Latin

Meaning of the name:

The name Maximillian is a derivative of Maximilian meaning in Latin "the greatest".


Still no known celebrity. Your little prince may be?

In its orthographic form Maximilian, let us quote: the Duke of Bavaria Maximilian Joseph (1808-1888), the French painter Maximilien Luce and the French politician Maximilian Sebastien Foy.

Saint Maximilian is a Roman who refused to join the army declaring that he was a "soldier of Christ". He was sentenced to death in 284 because of his affront.

His character :

Maximillian is a person of his word on whom we can always count. Able to make important decisions quickly, he responds promptly and thoughtfully. He is a very calm individual who always takes the time to analyze each situation before reacting. He knows how to control his emotions and knows the weighting, causing him to temper the manifestations of his feelings.


Maxime, Maximilian, Massimo, Maxen, Maxens, Maximian, Maximilian, Maximus, Maxwell, Miliano ...

His party :

The Maximillians are in the spotlight on March 12th.

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