Name Mohamed - Meaning and origin

Name Mohamed - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Arabic origin, means "rented". Like many Arab male names, it derives from the root hmd, expressing the concept of "praise". Principal name of the prophet Mohamed, or Mohammed, called Mohammed in French. "If you have a hundred sons, call them all Mohamed" is a very old Islamic saying. It is the most given name in the world if we take into account all its variations.


The famous Mohamed are numerous. Among them are boxer Mohamed Ali (born Cassius Clay), footballers Mohamed Sissoko, Mohamed Salah and Mohamed Benhamou, the magician Mohamed Cheddadi, Algerian actor and comedian Mohamed Fellag, investor Mohamed Hadid, journalist and writer Mohamed Sifaoui ...

Born in Mecca around 570, Muhammad was the founder and the major prophet of Islam. Considered by Muslims as the last prophet of monotheism, he was also the creator of the first Muslim state. He was a religious, political and military Arab leader of the Quraychite tribe. Muhammad was the one to whom the angel Gabriel came to announce to men that there is only one God, Allah. Around 611, Muhammad received the revelations, the words of Allah, which were grouped together in the Quran. This prophet is notably known for having preached fraternity and tolerance among men.

His character :

Mohamed is distinguished above all by his great strength and courage. Independent, he remains extremely turned towards the others and knows to show a great compassion. As a child, Mohamed is quite dispassionate and curious by nature, he gets sober over the years but keeps his dynamism.


Mohammad, Mohammad, Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhamed, Mohammad, Momad, Mohammadou and Mamadou

His party :

No feast date known.

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