Name Sinclair - Meaning of thumbs

Name Sinclair - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Sinclair has a double origin.

From its Latin origin, it comes from clarus which means "remarkable" or "illustrious".

Of his English ancestry, it is the alteration of the Saint Clair, which is an old Anglo-Norman village.


Harry Sinclair Lewis: American novelist and playwright (1885-1951), the singer Sinclair (his real name Mathieu Blanc-Francart).

His character :

Sinclair loves contact with people and knows how to show them, at least to those who are familiar to him. Indeed, cautious, he keeps his distance until he is sure to know well his vis-à-vis and to be able to trust him. Once he is emotionally involved with a person, he remains loyal to him because Sinclair is a deep and true man who does not support superficiality.

Sinclair needs to work hard to evacuate the overflow of energy inside. Always active, it does not hold up. It would be wrong to think that he is going wrong in any business. He is imbued with an innate wisdom that helps him to make only the decisions that lead him to success.

Sinclair is confident enough to have the courage to question himself and correct himself. The authority and charisma that emerge from him leave no doubt as to the strength that inhabits him and do not allow his interlocutors to doubt him.



His party :


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