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Clean at night, is it for soon?

Clean at night, is it for soon?

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After the cleanliness of day ... place to that of night! There, everything will begin around 3 years, but it takes time before removing his diapers permanently at night. It is indeed more difficult to totally control your sphincters when you sleep deeply! Our tips to help him.

  • Now that your child is finally clean during the day, you logically wonder when it will be so at night. If the daytime cleanliness is set up on average around 2 years, night cleanliness comes only a few months later, on average around 3 years.
  • Here again, everything is about psychological and physical maturity. As the months go by, your toddler's bladder stores more and more urine, but in the meantime he must be able to hear the signal from his full bladder and wake up. He must then be conscious enough to order his sphincters to remain closed. He will soon be able, patience ...

A night light, it encourages

  • Waking up and realizing that you want to pee, that's one thing. Getting up and crossing the corridor in the dark to go on the pot, it's another! To help your child stay clean at night, put on an easy-to-remove pajamas, leave no pressure, leave his potty in his room and set up a night light. So, he will only have to get up to pee.

He pee in bed. And if it were the hormones?

  • Your toddler is clean the day for several months, but continues to wet her sheets at night? If it is a primary enuresis, which occurs every night, unlike a secondary enuresis linked to a specific event, perhaps it does not have enough antidiuretic hormones. Secreted at night, they allow regulation of urine volume, but in some children this nocturnal hormonal increase does not occur. They produce a lot of urine and can not hold it in their bladder. Talk to your doctor.
  • If the problem persists around 6 years, it will be time to consult a urologist. He will prescribe to your little sleeper a drug in oral form containing desmopressin, an antidiuretic synthesis hormone, to decrease the volume of urine produced during the night.

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