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When will he walk on all fours?

When will he walk on all fours?

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Your child is almost 10 months old and still does not move on all fours? Do not panic. He will soon reach the walk like everyone else of his age.

  • Your toddler begins to explore his space: he crawls around himself, clings to the amounts of his park, the large objects that surround him. Gradually, he will learn to stand up by leaning on his hands and trying to move.

The four legs, an essential step?

  • The four-legged walk is an important step for its psychomotor development and autonomy, but it is a necessary step to access the march. On the condition, however, that your child is active and continues to discover the potential offered by his body. If he climbs, clings to the bars of his park and crawls, he already has the opportunity to feel the weight of his body. He will explore the world in his own way. Every child finds his own way!

Why do some babies zap on all fours?

  • The sleeping position of the newborn during the first three months is decisive for its motor development. For his safety, putting his baby on his back is recommended. However, this position does not allow him to quickly become aware of its members, the role of gravity, and brakes his desire for movement. Researchers have observed that since we put our babies on their backs, they walk on all fours a month later!
  • The body of the child must be solicited to build himself. A child who does not have enough space to move will not have the curiosity or the desire to move. He will not be able to develop or exercise his members.

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