Mom's future recipes: cap on the lawyer

Mom's future recipes: cap on the lawyer

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This fruit is often criticized (because it is a fruit and not a vegetable!) To be rich ... but it is especially a very healthy food not to forget in your menus of future mother. Its virtues and our recipes.

Why eat pregnant avocado?

  • Highly nutritious with about 137 kcal per 100 g because it is rich in lipids, avocado is an excellent food because the lipids it contains are essentially unsaturated fatty acids with a beneficial effect on the heart and cholesterol.
  • Did you know ? This fruit is rich in protein. that's why you can taste it in salad without adding other sources of protein. You will have a complete meal.
  • Thanks to its fibers, this fruit is easily digested and gives a feeling of satiety. Useful during pregnancy!
  • Avocado also contains vitamins A, C and E and the valuable vitamin B9, or folic acid, which helps prevent fetal nervous system abnormalities. It also contains vitamin B6 that helps relieve nausea in early pregnancy.
  • It is an important source of minerals and trace elements: potassium, especially but also magnesium, phosphorus, iron (precious to fight anemia during pregnancy), copper and zinc. It also has soothing virtues.

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