Ives Meaning And Meaning

Ives Meaning And Meaning

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Short, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Derived from Yves, the name Ives comes from German yvo which means "the yew".


The American inventor of the vacuum cleaner Ives Mc Gaffey.

Having lived in the thirteenth century, Saint Yves was a priest and judge Breton. He was known for his dedication to the poor. Counselor and defender of the poor, he shared his wealth with the disadvantaged. He offered his house, the Minihy Manor, to serve as a shelter for them.

His character :

Affectionate and fraternal, Ives has an innate sense of sociability. He seeks security and trust and does not tolerate treason. Stable and organized, Ives enjoys living and working in a secure environment. Foreseeable and intuitive, he shows good judgment. Sociable and empathic, his relational ease is impressive.


Erwan, Ive, Yve, Yves, Yvelin, Yvo, Yvon, Ywen, Iven, Yvin, Yvonnet.

His party :

The Ives are celebrated on May 19th.

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