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Do you know how to decode baby crying?

Do you know how to decode baby crying?

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It is not always easy to decipher the crying of your baby ... However, it is his main means of communication. Learn to distinguish the different forms of this language. Here are some tips to help you.

How long is it normal for a baby to cry?

The time spent crying is variable from one child to another and especially according to his age.

  • What is going on ? When your baby is 1 month old, he can cry for 3 hours a day. From 6 months, like most babies, he will cry three times less, about an hour a day.
  • Explanations. The duration of the crying varies for each child: there are small and big "weeping", like small or heavy sleepers, calm and angry, emotional and baby yogis. Sometimes, some people cry for a few moments during their sleep and go back to sleep quickly.
  • Dr. Marc Bellaïche, a pediatric pediatrician, recalls the work of Dr. Terry Brazelton, one of America's greatest pediatricians, professor emeritus at Harvard University, about toddlers: "Terry Brazelton recorded and timed the tears of a hundred Babies, aged 15 days to 2 months and subjected to the same situation of noise and light, says Dr. Marc Bellaïche, he found that all these babies cried on average two hours a day at least.

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