Sciatica during pregnancy, what to do?

Sciatica during pregnancy, what to do?

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Sciatica is one of the common benign ailments of pregnancy. The most painful to live too ... Zoom on the factors promoting sciatica in pregnant women and techniques to relieve it.

How to recognize pregnancy sciatica?

  • Pregnancy sciatica is triggered by sciatic nerve irritation: pain can be felt on part or all of the path of this nerve. It begins in the lower back to spread in the buttock and back of the thigh. Sometimes it extends to the back of the calf, even to the foot ... The pain usually takes the form of a throbbing burn but you can also experience simple tingling. Most often, sciatica begins to show up in the second trimester.

Sciatica and pregnancy: what links?

  • The weight gain inherent to pregnancy, especially in case of "low stomach", and changes in postures caused by the rounding of the belly promote inflammation of the sciatic nerve and, more widely, low back pain (lower back pain ). Hormonal changes, which gradually relax the ligaments to facilitate delivery, may also be involved ... This being said, sciatica pregnancy remains a mystery.
  • In fact, nothing says that you will necessarily suffer from sciatica during your pregnancy, even if you have already experienced it when you were expecting your first child. The other side of the coin: having no problem with sciatica during a first pregnancy does not guarantee that you will never suffer from it ...

Sciatica during pregnancy: when to consult?

  • Even though pregnancy sciatica is usually a mild disorder, it is always advisable to consult your doctor. The latter will be able to verify that your sciatica is linked only to your pregnancy and not to another cause such as a herniated disc, for example.
  • In addition, he can teach you gentle and safe exercises for your baby to relieve your pain, or even refer you to a physiotherapist or osteopath if necessary.
  • As for drug treatments, the anti-inflammatories generally used to relieve sciatica are contraindicated during pregnancy ... However, the doctor may prescribe paracetamol-based medicines: this is certainly not a panacea, but they still provide relief.

Some tips against sciatica ...

  • To prevent or relieve sciatica, think about the pregnancy belt. Also avoid carrying too heavy loads and leave your high-heeled shoes in the closet.
  • When you walk, try not to put your belly forward too much; avoiding arching too much will limit your back pain.
  • Also remember to raise your legs a little when you lie down, stalling a good cushion in your back.
  • Last tip: in case of a very painful crisis, wrap some ice cubes in a clean towel and place them about ten minutes on the painful area.