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Social security: how to register baby?

Social security: how to register baby?

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Baby coming soon? It is time to think about the various administrative formalities that will accompany this happy event! One of them is particularly important: the registration of your little one to Social Security. Manual.

Registering a baby for Social Security: what is it for?

  • Registering a baby for Social Security will allow you to be reimbursed (partially or totally) for the different medical expenses: visits to the pediatrician, prescription drugs, medical tests or even compulsory vaccinations.
  • Once this registration is made, INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) automatically assigns a Social Security number to your child. At 16, he will be able to read it and at the same time receive his own vital card.

Social security for babies, in practice

  • So that you can benefit as quickly as possible from taking care of the baby's health expenses, his enrollment in Social Security is to be done from birth. Thanks to this administrative procedure, your little one will be considered as "entitled". It will therefore benefit from the many benefits of the vital card.
  • To do this, he must be attached to one or both of his parents, provided they are insured. In this case, it is a double attachment. Baby will be automatically saved on your life card, on his dad's or both.
  • Naturally, this decision is yours, regardless of your marital status (PACS, married or separated).
  • For practical reasons, it is generally advisable to put a baby on the vital card of the parent who will most often accompany him to medical appointments. This simplifies the process: it is useless to ask for the card of the other parent when the baby is sick. Just be aware that the medical expenses will be reimbursed to the account of the parent who submitted his / her health card to the health professional.

Registering a baby for Social Security: what are the steps to take?

  • No worries, the paperwork is simple and fast! To enroll your baby in the Social Security, you simply fill out, sign and send a request form attached to your Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM). Do not forget to attach a birth certificate of your little one.
  • Please note that this formality can also be done by Internet (, heading "My actions", option "Declaring the birth of my child") or by telephone at 36 46.
  • Once these steps have been taken, a delay of approximately 2 weeks will be necessary for the baby to be registered on your vital card.