Sign a love pact!

Between children and work, not always easy to maintain the flame in his relationship and to devote time to his half. We offer a pact in love in 6 points to boost your relationship. To practice all year long!

1. Do not let the routine settle!

  • We say it and we repeat it, the routine and the absence of surprise are harmful for a couple. Without realizing it, they lead to indifference. One of the antidotes is to bring a touch of fantasy into your relationship. Why not a romantic weekend? No need to go far to get away from it all. A trip by the sea, a ride in tandem, everything is allowed as long as the reality is adorned with colors.

2. Separate yourself to find yourself

  • Apply to your couple the marine syndrome... Do not go to sea, but spend one or two evenings or nights each on your side. This allows you to talk to your spouse about his life outside the relationship. And especially what a joy to meet when we missed each other

3. Preserve privacy spaces

  • Everyone needs his space. Your room is not the playroom where children watch TV, sitting on your bed. Do not barricade yourself either, but find the right measure.

4. Boost your libido

  • Fatigue, lack of time or else the routine influences the desire. Do not put your seduction at half mast. Wake up your five senses to desire by asking the right questions ... Do I love making love in the light, by candlelight or in the dark? Do I enjoy her perfume, the smell of soap on her skin or just her body odor?

5. Reactivate your founding myth

  • A couple is the story of a meeting that lasts. This meeting, at work, at the wedding of a common friend ... is similar to the myth of your couple. It is therefore a fundamental but fragile element. Remember your first meeting, your first emotions. Think about what you like to do together at the very beginning. And start again "as before"!

6. Revitalize your rituals

  • Rituals in the couple are essential to maintain one's identity and strengthen its solidarity. Many behaviors are ritualized sometimes without being aware of it. Nothing is worse than a ritual of divestment: go every Sunday to the family meal while everyone is dragging their feet ... Update them by sorting out and invent new ones.

Chrystelle Gabory