Baby zucchini soup with Thermomix

Baby zucchini soup with Thermomix

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The sweet and sweet taste of zucchini always appeals to children, even toddlers. So, vary the menus of your baby by offering this little velvety recipe from 6 months.


  • 3 zucchini
  • 1 fresh cheese
  • 70 g of mineral water


Wash and cut the zucchini, remove the seeds if the zucchini are large and contain a lot. You can however leave the skin. Cut the zucchini into pieces.

Cook them with Thermomix in water for 15 minutes at 100 ° C, speed 1.

Once cooked zucchini, remove the cooking water and mix with Thermomix 30 seconds gradually to speed 8 by adding the square of fresh cheese.

Council +: consider freezing this puree in sterilized ice cube trays (or silicone cupcakes). Then, just take the cubes in small quantities to prepare your baby's meal! The soup is 1 month in the freezer, remember to note the date of manufacture. For defrosting, it is best to take out the desired amount the day before and let it defrost in the refrigerator.