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Stress of the re-entry: the nature remedies

Stress of the re-entry: the nature remedies

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Whether it's the first day of nursery school or kindergarten, separating from your mother is always a challenge for your child. Homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage: the gentle methods will help her to grow up ...

The stress of re-entry is inevitable

  • In reality, it is rather an apprehension about leaving the family cocoon, and her mother moreover, for new experiences out of the house. It is obvious that the more you are serene, the more your child will consider the situation in a positive way. If you feel that in spite of the idyllic picture that you present to him, your child folds back on itself and cries as soon as one approaches the subject, it will be good to accompany it with simple and natural remedies. In parallel, de-dramatize the situation, reassure him as much as possible about his feelings towards him, so that he does not feel abandoned during this new beginning.

Back to school stress: the nutrition reflex

  • It's time to focus on anti-stress foods in your child's plate. At breakfast, offer her complete cereals, such as amaranth, oats, spelled, kamut or quinoa, with milk and fresh or dried fruits, according to her taste. They will provide him with slow sugars and vitamin B, essential to his brain for a good energy and good mood, without having a small hollow around 10 hours.
  • For his mealsTomato, broccoli, spinach and watercress, with their iron, trace elements and vitamin C content, will boost your child's spirits and give him the pep he needs. In crudités or in soups, favor these vegetables. On the protein side, think of oily fish, rich in vitamin B, omega 3 and phosphorus, protective of the nervous system. To taste it, bet on the dried fruits, with energetic virtues, and on the chocolate, for its high magnesium content, a real anti-stress pleasure!


Sprinkle the dishes and desserts of your child with yeast or wheat germ, concentrated in vitamins and minerals anti-stress.

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