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First Name - Meaning and direction

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Origin of first name:

German, Dutch, Scandinavian

Meaning of the name:

Of Germanic and Scandinavian origin, Helmi means "protection", "helmet" or "the one who dominates the waves".


Helmi Dagmar Juvonen, American artist.

His character :

Helmi has a heart as big as the world. At school, his friends admire him for his generosity. Curious, she has an impressive thirst for knowledge and likes to learn about everything.


Helmut, Helmut, Helmia, Helmiah, Helmian, Helmian, Helmiati, Helmich, Helmich, Helmid, Helmid, Helmieh, Helmie, Helmei, Helmia, Helmo, Helma, Elmi, Helmu, Helna, Helni, Helny, Helmine, Helmiazni, Helmids, Helmidar, Helmiejane, Hermes, Hermia.

His party :

The name Helmi is celebrated on May 7th.

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