Name Jeannette - Meaning and origin

Name Jeannette - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Jeannette comes from the Hebrew term "Yeohanan" which can be translated as "God gives grace". It is also a derivative of the first name Jean.


Politicians Jeannette Bougrab, Jeannette Vermeersch and Jeannette Nyiramongi Kagame and unionist Jeannette Laot.

Writers Jeannette Dalpé, Jeannette Boudreault-Lagassé and Jeannette Balou Tchichelle, the painter Jeannette Guichard-Bunel, the director Jeannette Hubert and the producer Jeannette Lee.

Figure skater Jeannette Altwegg, alpine skier Jeanette Kessler and athletes Mildred Jeanette Dolson and Jeanette Witziers-Timmer.

Jeannette is also the familiar name of Saint Joan of Arc. Towards the beginning of the fifteenth century, this seventeen-year-old girl claimed to have received from Archangel Michael the holy mission of freeing France from the English occupation. She managed to reverse the course of the Hundred Years War by victoriously leading the French troops in Orleans and driving the Dauphin Charles to the coronation of Reims. Captured by the English, she was burned alive. It was however canonized only in the twentieth century. Joan of Arc is thus the patron saint of France.

His character :

Jeannette is a courageous and lively woman. She feels concerned by the woes of the world and will do everything possible to help the poor. She will not forget her family and will spend the time they need. On the professional side, Jeannette will look for the humanitarian or the social.


Joan, Evana, Evane, Gianna, Giannina, Giovanna, Ionna, Iohana, Ivana, Janie, Janet, Janik, Janine, Janna, Jeanine, Juana, Juanita, Joan, Johanna and Johanne.

His party :

The Jeannette are celebrated on May 30th.

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