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A holiday book, why not?

A holiday book, why not?

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No no no ! During the holidays, toddlers do not work. They play the whole day! Except that, sometimes, it is they who claim a notebook of holidays ... Here are two, very friendly and playful!

For 2-3 years: Colors and shapes

  • Shapes and colorsit's the program of the small and medium section! We are starting right now with this funny little exercise book. Setpoint ? Color in yellow the lemon or the moon; in blue, the whale and the boots. And still correctly position one of the 50 stickers: a red guy in each red truck for example. He was wrong ? Not serious! They are repositionable!
  • In the second part of the notebook, the child discovers the forms ... Small exercises very adapted, with a progression conceived by a kindergarten teacher. Editions Hatier, 3,20 €.

For 3-4 years: My notebook to play with the words

  • With the older ones, it's serious! This small, well-designed notebook helps the child develop vocabulary through riddles, games and nursery rhymes. Example: the child must look closely at the image of the bathroom and find all objects on the side. To him then to name them and to explain what they serve ...
  • Little nice exercises only if you, his mom or dad, stay by his side. Because the goal is obviously to play again! Editions Nathan, 5 €, also exists for 4-5 years and 5-6 years.

Agnes Barboux