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A little thirst? Good!

A little thirst? Good!

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Water is a major component of your child's body. She represents 75% of the weight of her body during the first twelve months of her life. Hence the importance of giving him regular drinking.

Drinking, an essential gesture

  • Your toddler is running, shaking in all directions. It is hot, sweat. A drink break... and here he goes again for new activities before thirst catches up with him again. To drink it is necessary. When the temperature is high, this need is even greater. To fight the heat, your child sweats three times more than an adult because of the small surface of his skin. So he needs a lot of cash to make up for that loss.

Drink, but how much?

  • Between 1 and 6 years old, daily water requirements vary from 65 to 90 ml / kgone liter for a child of 15 kg. In summer, depending on the outside temperature, the amount of water must be increased. A child never drinks too much! Between meals, put at your disposal his bottle, a cup with pouring spout or minibottles perfectly adapted to his small hand. Book them for personal use.

Drink, but what?

  • Water is by far the most refreshing liquid for big thirsts. Give it tap water, rich in mineral salts (calcium, magnesium) and trace elements. If you are not sure of its quality, prefer a natural mineral water, but change it frequently: some are very rich in potassium, others in sodium, calcium or magnesium.
  • Outside of meals, your toddler can continue to drink milk. On the other hand, sugary drinks must be limited: they quench less than water and contain too much sugar, which promotes obesity. Same recommendation for soft drinks, give them sparingly.
  • Finally, do not propose, under the pretext of the heat, an icy water. This could cause small intestinal disorders. In case of heat wave or diarrhea, possibly digestive disorders, you can offer your toddler a rehydration solution, quickly effective if dehydrated. Available in different flavors, it comes in the form of a powder to be diluted in mineral water, a sachet for 200 ml.

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