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An online service area for schooling

An online service area for schooling

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Find the school where to register your child, know the dates of the school holidays or the milestones of his year of CP ... Answers you can find on, the space that the National Education makes available to parents.

Simplify your procedures and meet your information needs

  • With, the national education provides you with a whole range of online services to simplify your life regarding the schooling of your children.
  • There you will find information regarding the schooling of your child, the school where you have to register (number of students, name of the director ...), the dates of school year, school holidays, and many other tips to facilitate your administrative procedures. From kindergarten to high school.
  • proposes in particular a series of directories to find colleges and high schools, answering certain specificities (orientation, boarding ...), as well as information concerning the various pathways of orientation and the trades.

A service dedicated to the CP year

  • The entrance to the CP marks a decisive step in the life of a child. To better understand what is happening during this great year of learning to read, find on read-au-cp, one of the spaces of tips of teachers, deciphering psychologists and parents' testimonials in the form of videos.

Frédérique Odasso

Article updated on July 13, 2015

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