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A cat's life

A cat's life

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A polar with your toddler from 4 years old, what do you think? A cat's life is a very nice animated film. We meet a little girl, her mother, a charming burglar, bad guys and a little mustache animal through which everything happens.

What is the story ?

  • Dino, little animal with velvet paws, leads a double life. During the day, he comforts young Zoe, walled in his silence since his dad was killed. At night, he launches on the rooftops of Paris with Nico, a gentleman burglar. But this double life will soon become one. One day, the girl follows her cat and meets Nico.

What your little movie buff will like

  • Above all, the shimmering colors. Maybe you had seen together the Frog Prophecy or Mia and Migou? There is the colorful and poetic graphics that make the Folimage studios famous.
  • The wicked ... as stupid as wicked. And visual gags like this stupid dog who barks systematically when Dino flies on the rooftops of Paris.
  • This animated film is not very long. His rhythm removed seduce your little movie buff. But be careful, rather from 4-5 years old. Through Zoe and her mother, the policewoman who tracks the hideous Costa, he approaches the theme of mourning. As for the police intrigue, it remains a little complex for younger children.
  • A cat's life, by Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol, 1:10, Folimage.
  • Where to find it?

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