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A webradio for your children

A webradio for your children

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Your little wolf can listen to the best songs, rhymes, short stories, tales or poems for children on the new webradio, radiopommedapi, created by Bayard Jeunesse.

What is a webradio?

  • The most beautiful, the most original, the most fun sound creation for children accessible on the web and mobile (smartphones or tablets). Enough to awaken young ears to quality - with optimal listening conditions to respect their small ears.

What is the internet radio broadcasting?

  • Depending on when you connect, you will discover or rediscover the most beautiful "tubes" of Anne Sylvestre, Aldebert, Henri From or Zut, but also the rhymes of Little Brown Bear or King of dads, without forget beautiful musical beaches: world music, jazz or classical.

An appointment not to be missed?

  • Depending on the time of day, you will listen to more or more cool moods. And at 20:15 each day, an appointment not to be missed: "quarter past eight, the hour of history".

And if I want to participate?

  • Do not hesitate! Send your child's favorite songs or story to [email protected] and the webradio team will do their best to program it.

This is a first in France?

  • Absolutely! While there are already in Italy, Germany ... That's why publishers and producers music and sound youth in France surround their wishes radiopommedapi! Naïve jeunesse, Oui'dire editions, Didier Jeunesse, the Arc-en-Ciel label, Enfance et Musique ... are the attentive and valuable sponsors of the webradio. Let the music !

Odile Amblard

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