A time-lapse announcement

Beware if you eat watermelon seeds ... To announce the birth of their baby, American parents have imagined an invitation for the least original!

"Be careful: eat watermelons at your own risk!" It is with humor that this couple of Americans announced the birth of their granddaughter, Poppy. We see the young mother eating a watermelon ... with the seeds. Taking nausea, she will get in her car and transform in a few minutes into a woman ready to give birth. Arrived on a beach, she presses a sign "Press the button if ingesting watermelon seeds" and will end up with a pretty baby in the arms ... disguised as watermelon, of course. A video too crisp posted on Youtube by dad Devon Spittle and that is the buzz right now.

Production : Devon Spittle
Montage: Devon Spittle
Production : Devon Spittle