Retroverted uterus: is it serious?

Retroverted uterus: is it serious?

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At the time of puberty, the uterus of some women will tilt slightly backward, this is what is called having a retroverted uterus. What consequences for pregnancy? Is it embarrassing? Answers from Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

No, it does not matter at all, it concerns 1 in 4 women or 1 in 5 women. So it is very common. We are born like this and it is useless to try to put the uterus forward. It has rocked at the time of puberty in one way or another.

The uterus is usually anteverted, that is, it is slightly bent forward. In the case of the retroverted uterus, it is a little more towards the back.

So when you look at the patient, it is a little more difficult to feel because it is tilted backwards. It is a uterus that can eventually, late, or after childbirth, have a little more tendency to descend than a uterus that is anteverted, which is retained somehow. But otherwise there is no problem.

One can have pregnancies as well as an anteverted uterus.


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