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Zarafa, the story of a baby giraffe

Zarafa, the story of a baby giraffe

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Meet Zarafa, the little giraffe who landed at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris in 1827. No one had ever seen one! From this historical fact, the director, Rémi Besançon, runs a very nice story, to see absolutely from 6 years.

What is the story ?

  • Gift of the Pasha of Egypt to the King of France, Charles X, Zarafa was the first baby giraffe arrived at the Jardin des Plantes in 1827. From this historical fact, Remi Besançon has a superb animated film.
  • Under his baobab, an old marabout tells a tale to bushmen from Africa. The story of a little Maki slave who runs away and befriends the Zarafa giraffe and promises to bring her back to her country.

What will seduce your little movie buff

  • Maki this little boy with big black eyes. Your child may be upset by the first scenes of this movie that also addresses the topic of slavery. But Maki is brave. And he does not give up what he promises ... even if he falls from exhaustion in the desert.
  • The funny pirates. They are a bit scary at first, but would not hurt a fly. In addition, they are led by the tip of the nose by a beautiful woman, named Bouboulina! Which name !
  • The relationship that is created between Maki and Hassan, the man of the desert. It is a little disturbing this Touareg. He does not speak a lot. But he is very human and he creates a strong, paternal relationship with Maki. Even if Hassan does not keep his word until the end ...

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