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First name - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Josse comes from the Germanic terms "gauz" and "lind" which translate into "son of God" and "sweet". Etymologically, Josse means "sweet prince".


Josse VAN CLEVE is a Flemish painter of German origin (16th century).
Josse de Hond, also called Jocodus Hondius, is a Flemish artist, engraver and cartographer. He is best known for his maps of the world and Europe.
Saint Josse, the youngest son of Judah, the king of Domnonea, refused the crown to consecrate himself to the monastic life. He performed many miracles during his life, like springing from a spring in the middle of the desert to allow his companion, Count Aymon, to quench his thirst.

His character :

Full of vitality, Josse is an enthusiastic and curious man. Adventurous and in love with discoveries, he has a taste for risk and contacts. He likes to spice up his life and hates the definitive. He is stimulated by conquest and the unknown. Naturally open and extroverted, Josse is a person who possesses gifts of negotiation and persuasion. At the same time, he is quite angry and authoritarian, making his company sometimes difficult. With a spirit of challenge, he thinks he is in perpetual competition. However, his excessive nervousness and impulsiveness hurt him. It has the tendency to irritate and become impatient easily.

His main quality is his frankness. Very sociable and warm, it is impossible for him to exist without the others. He is sensitive and receptive to his environment. He often sways between a feeling of inferiority and self-satisfaction. He is however greedy, joyous and sensual, and never gives up the pleasures of life. Having a rather excessive self-confidence, he will always have the last word to prove that he is right.


Joze, Joss, Jozy, Joze and Josselin.

His party :

The Josse are in the spotlight on December 13th.

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