Name Kathy - Meaning of origin

Name Kathy - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Catherine variant, Kathy is a name inspired by the Greek "kataros", translating as "pure".


Famous celebrities with this name include American tenniswoman Kathy Jordan, American actress, director and producer Kathy Bates, Belgian basketball player Kathy Wambé, comedian and American actress Kathy Griffin, Australian cyclist Kathy Watt, the american golfer Kathy Whitworth ...

The name "Catherine" owes its popularity to the patron saint of the philosophers Catherine of Alexandria. From an early age she became interested in the study of the liberal arts and the ardor of the faith. At the age of eighteen, Catherine was astonished by her words full of wisdom and was ranked among the greatest poets and philosophers of the moment. She was tortured and sentenced to death, on the orders of Emperor Maximin, because of her remarks against pagan worship and her refusal to deny her faith.

His character :

An extravert of nature, Kathy favors human contact. Talkative and narcissistic, she likes to be the center of the world. Modesty is not part of his vocabulary. Subject to a strong emotivity, it is better not to disturb her momentum, because Kathy hates interruptions. Bursting with energy, she attacks her days with optimism. Motivated by a strong desire for success, she is fully committed to her work and demonstrates unsurpassed tenacity.


Catherine, Catalina, Cathy, Katy, Kate, Katty, Catty, Caty, Kathe and Cati.

His party :

People named "Kathy" are honored on November 25th.

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